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"Of Colors"


      DeColores Ministries is just one more of God's miracles, which is a very effective tool of renewal in today's Christian Churches. DeColores Ministries is founded in the Cursillo Method and closely adheres to the Cursillo essence and purpose. DeColores Ministries accepts all Christians, regardless of their denominational affiliation to participate in the movement. Since DeColores has its foundation in Cursillo, which began in Spain, some of the terms are Spanish.

       De Colores means "of colors" in Spanish and is meant to reflect the many colors of Christ. DeColores was born in the spirit of interfaith communion of the Love Feast, the Agape. DeColores basically means a person who is living in grace, seeing the world and its variety and beauty as all coming from God. DeColores is a retreat, a movement, and most important, a method of spiritual renewal.

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